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Congratulations and best wishes to those who could find their desired career path and so they could set a greatest goal of their life. We are glad to help and provide counselling and consultancy to so many students that they could lead on glorious career path. When our clients tell their success story, they motivate many other youngsters who are still struggling to find their well-deserved path


Best Services

we provide special counselling services for

Working Professionals

Providing solutions through counselling and consultancy for better tomorrow.

Commerce Students

We do assessment to understand strengths and foes hidden in student’s personality

Engineering Students

Career counselling to students so they could mold their personality and achieve more skills to be successful.

Other Degrees

Train student and executives to attain some additional skills through soft skills

Senior Citizens

A systematic and scientific analysis of each child’s personality will bring about a hidden skills and strengths of a child.

8th to 12th Students

Help student to find their desired and deserved career path

About Rohit P Consultancy

An ambition and intense desire that every youth to be successful person in life is the most valuable asset of our nation. This vision shall help youngsters to become great doctors, lawyers, engineers, leaders etc. These success brigade shall work for better tomorrow. They will surely be taking our nation to the new heights.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist individuals in identifying their strengths through regular interactions and motivate them to unleash their potential resulting in holistic well-being, personal development , success and peace of mind.

Our Vision

To support, guide and inspire individuals with challenges in various stages of life . To help build their confidence, make them self-aware and bringing about positive changes in their attitude, emotions and overall perspective towards life.


I am Rohit Pandharpure and have 25 years of experience in the corporate sector having worked with fortune 500 companies across the globe and in various Management and Leadership capacities. Over the course of my professional journey, I have mentored, coached & guided multiple professionals which has made a positive impact on their career. Hence, I understand the value that coaching brings. How a boost at the right time in your professional journey can work wonders for your career advancement.
This inspired me to transition into Career coaching as a full-time profession. I believe we all have the power and potential to bring in a change. So, if you believe in yourself and you are looking for the right career path and which aligns with your career aspirations, then you have come to the right place. Coaching is a universal process and just cannot be limited to career, we at Rohit P consultancy offer life coaching for Senior Citizens, which is need of the hour.
Cumulatively we have around 3500 hours of experience in Career, life and Senior citizen coaching