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Career Counselling/coaching

A Working executive and working personals face many difficulties in their career such as less salary paid, stagnancy with no promotion for years, a humiliation in offices, etc. We shall provide solutions for such complications through counseling and coaching. We shall help you to reinvent and strengthen your career with systematic step-by-step efforts.

Personal Counselling/Coaching

To achieve a successful balance in career and personal life and to do justice to your responsibilities, is definitely a challenging task. To grow in life person needs to avail the skill to be multitasking. We shall categorize your priorities so you could do justice to your goals in life. We shall help you to come out of traumatic and difficult situations in life.

Life Coaching for Senior citizens

Senior citizens need to talk about their grievances to someone who understands. Loneliness and helplessness can be overcome by changing thinking pattern. You tell and we comprehend itself makes you feel comfortable and stress-free. We tell you new ideas that will help you to explore yourself newly.

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Special Services For Students

Resume is a first step of introduction of yourself to employers. It must be in proper corporate language and it should be in short and easy to understand. All the information must be formulated in exact words. We shall provide proper training and services to prepare CV for you.

Present yourself confidently to employers with good body language. Mere good education is not enough. Total personality must be elevated. Getting observed amongst many candidates would be your speciality. We shall make you seen amongst crowd.

English is a universal language and mastery over English language is necessary for self-confidence and public speaking skill. We provide training for proper English-speaking mastery.

We shall train you for giving interview confidently. We shall train from proper corporate apparel selection to impressive conversation techniques.

Job transition must be negotiated well with both companies for hassle free transfer in amicable conditions. Employee must avail expert opinion for such job transition. We shall guide you step by step to prepare you to take appropriate measures.

We shall study and test capabilities before you jump in to massive responsibility jobs. It is utter necessary to know beforehand about candidate’s expertise and capabilities. We make proper career capability Assessment counselling and report accordingly.

A job search from your suitable expertise area and proper salary negotiations are necessary for stable job condition. A good multinational company with good salary would make your life smooth and easy. A wrong kind of job could land you in trouble. We shall provide a counselling for perfect job search.

Why Choose Us

No hidden Cost

Clean and clear transaction is our identity. There is no hidden cost involved. It would always be smart choice to invest in to yourself. A cost which would bring about change in to your life would be best money ever spend.

Perfect Guidance

Everybody needs an expert advice. We understand what is need of hour. Our guidance and coaching depend highly on personalized situations that’s why its perfect tailor maid program for each person.

Dependability is our Speciality

Bringing clarity is our main criteria before setting a particular program for our client. Our expertise makes us dependable. You rely on us to be your mentor and we shall prove to be a right dependable coach.

Softskills tips

We not only provide coaching but work to enhance each client’s personality. We understand that mere advice is not enough but working on each client’s total development is considered to be our priority.


I was confused about selecting a right kind of career path after 12 th. Me and my parents approached for career counselling from Padharpure Sir. First my abilities and strong points were analysed and then he advised me of many possible streams I could select. Now I am happy that my mind is clear and there is no confusion anymore. I made up my mind to go for Pharmacy stream.

Mr. Vipul Mehta

My life was miserable at work because I had to travel too much. I tried to tell my employers but they absolutely ignored me. When I consulted Pandharpure sir he gave me hope and asked me to improvise my skills first then try for a better and more convenient job. I did according to what he said and now I changed my job successfully. I took his consultation throughout this process. I am happy in my new job now.

Sham M. Gadgil

I am 75 years of age. My children live in USA. My wife passed away last year. I felt terrible and hopelessly lonely. I don’t wish to live with my children too. When I approached Rohit P consultancy services I was nor sure about what exactly he would suggest. But with regular counselling sessions now I changed my point of view totally. I feel positive and much better now.

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